We are excited to announce our new roboARTS partnership with Science In A Suitcase, The Paramount Theatre and Google Fiber!

Just in case you didn’t know …  roboARTS – a partnership between The Paramount Theatre and Science In A Suitcase along with our new sponsors Google Fiber. The best part is This program will be at Ann Richards School for young leaders.

What is roboARTS: We will be bringing the arts [storytelling and songwriting] to life. Our middle school friends will act side by side with their autonomous characters on stage with the stories they have written. This is a kid lead, kid run, kid created program.
Click here for a video or a song the kids wrote.

Where is Ann Richard School For Young Leaders [All girls School]
2206 Prather Ln, Austin, TX 78704This school is one of my favorite campuses in the City. The energy is unreal!

When in the Program happening? roboARTS is a 12-week program in the Fall Semester. We start the second week in Sept and will end with a Sharing in December. Last year we migrated this program from an afterschool initiative to an in-school course with great success! We will be sharing our love of robots and creativity with 150 girls in 6 classrooms.

How do I volunteer? Science In A Suitcase is looking for 6 volunteers to assist the in classroom teaching. Below is the school schedule. we only need one volunteer per class period.

Which class would you like to sign up for? You can choose from any of the 6 class periods listed below.

[table id=1 /]

This is awesome … Have you presented robotARTS anywhere else? We have showcased roboARTS at SXSWedu  and at Jacksonville State University in Alabama!

But Antonio, I’m not technical.
Oh contraire! You have a keen understanding of logic and decision making. You troubleshoot issues everyday day. You and robots can be friends! Woot!

How will I get trained? The Paramount Theatre and Science In A Suitcase will be hosting a training the week of Sept 7. 

Antonio F Delgado – Science In A Suitcase, Minister of Fun And Education
Jennifer Luck – Paramount Theatre, Director of Education
Ammon Taylor – Paramount Theatre, Musical Director
Kati Moore – Paramount Theatre, Teaching Artist and Show Director
Together we would write stories, programs our robot characters to interact in our story line! Plus we have a curriculum for you! Woot! You won’t be alone. Kati Moore, our show director and teaching artist will be on site for every class period as well as our awesome in class teacher – Patience Blythe!
Just email me back and feel free to forward this email to anyone who would be interested! 
What other questions might you have?
Feel free to email me if you want to join in the fun! Beep Beep!
Love and Robots! Antonio!

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