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WRO theme 2022 - My Robot My Friend.

The WRO® theme for 2022 is My Robot My Friend.

The combination of robotics and artificial intelligence can change the world and especially the environment of humans. The season challenges are connected to the ways that robots can help humans. How can we make robot-human interaction helpful and safe?


WRO® RoboMission is a challenge-based competition. Students must design, construct and program an autonomous robot that can solve specific challenges on a field. Because the field is set up randomly each round, the robot needs to be able to make its own decisions during the run. All parts of the robot, including controller, motors and sensors must be from LEGO® (MINDSTORMS® NXT or EV3, SPIKE PRIME or Robot Inventor).

Future Innovators

Our Future Innovators category is a project-based competition. Students create their own innovative intelligent robotics solution relating to the current theme of the season. There is no restriction on the use of materials. This includes free choice of controllers, motors, sensors, etc. Teams will present their project and their robot model to a group of judges on the competition day. The judges will not only grade the robot solution but will also look at aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship.

WRO Guiding Principles

We are aware that a competition usually means that those involved are driven to win. This applies to team members, coaches, parents and even to countries. We feel there is nothing wrong with that, as long as the guiding principles of the competition remain intact.

We expect all teams and coaches participating in the competition to respect the WRO® Ethics Code.

WRO Ethics Code for Teams

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