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Robot Rafiki
Africa Feb '25

Learn. Teach. Travel. Community.

Rafiki means 'friend' and, as a Robot Rafiki, you have a unique opportunity to join Science in a Suitcase to deliver STEAM education to rural and under-served communities around the world. We want to thank you for embarking on this adventure with us to meet our host communities who have invited us through our partners in Kenya and South Africa!

What is the itinerary?

Day 1, Fri, Jan 31 Depart USA

Day 2, Sat, Feb 1 Arrive Capetown, South Africa

Day 3, Sun, Feb 2 Drive to Klawer and Teacher Training

Day 4, Mon, Feb 3 Day 1 in Classroom Robotics at their schools + afternoon excursion

Day 5, Tue, Feb 4 Day 2 in Classroom Robotics at their schools + afternoon excursion

Day 6, Wed, Feb 5 Day 3 in Classroom Robotics at their schools + afternoon excursion

Day 7, Thur, Feb 6 Day 4 - Community Sharing and Robotics Competition

Day 8, Fri, Feb 7 Drive to Capetown, excursion Table Mountain

Day 9, Sat, Feb 8 Fly to Nairobi, Kenya

Day 10, Sun, Feb 9 Elephants and Drive to Nanyuki, Kenya

Day 11, Mon, Feb 10 Day 1 in Classroom Robotics at their schools + afternoon excursion

Day 12, Tues, Feb 11 Day 2 in Classroom Robotics at their schools + afternoon excursion

Day 13, Wed, Feb 12 Day 3 in Classroom Robotics at their schools + afternoon excursion

Day 14, Thurs, Feb 13 Day 4 - Community Sharing and Robotics Competition

Day 15, Fri, Feb 14 Community Fun

Day 16, Sat, Feb 15 Drive to NBO - Fly Home

Day 17, Sun, Feb 16 Land in the USA

Where are we staying?

3MX2+M6 Klawer, South Africa

Nanyuki-Rumuruti Rd, Nanyuki, Kenya

Highlanders Lodge

Mount Kenya Wildlife Estates

Africa 2025

Be a part of this helping coders in Africa in 2025!







How much will the trip cost?

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$3800 Trip Cost

Total trip cost minus deposit.

$500 Deposit

Secure your seat on the trip to Africa in 2025!

Your chariot!

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Program Sponsorship

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WRO Tournament for over 180 teachers and students!

Frequently asked questions

How to apply for your Kenyan visa?

For USA passport holders, you can be apply here. If you are not a USA passport holder, please let Barbara know immediately. Please take 15min get to know the requirements to apply for your Kenyan Visa. This is an e-visa and can be completed online. You will not need to send your passport away. Barbara is more than happy to walk through this process through Zoom with you after hours if you are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with this process.

Where do I go to purchase Travelers Insurance

Go here to purchase travel insurance

Do I need to fill out any forms to go on this trip?
  1. Scan or take a photo of the photo page of your Passport and keep it in electronic form. It should look like this.

  2. Download the Waiver of Liability here.

  3. Now fill out the online forms part 1 and part 2 and have the scan or photos of the Waiver and Passport handy in the electronic file form as you will be asked to upload them.
    There are 2 parts to the online forms and should take approx 20mins to complete.

Will I have a digital itinerary?

Make sure to download to see all your travel details in real-time. You can also share your itinerary details with family and friends through this app since True Places is not allowed to share those with anyone.

Can I build a fundraising page?

You sure can. Reach out to Antonio and her will be sure to get your profile ready!

Still have questions?

Barbara's website will answer a number of questions in far more detail. You can also email barbara at

How do we work?

At Science in a Suitcase, we are dedicated to following regenerative travel practices when working with different communities. Our approach is guided by the 4 C's of regenerative travel:

Community We believe in respectful and collaborative engagement. We only travel to communities where we are invited. From the outset, community leaders are involved in every decision that affects their stakeholders during our visit, ensuring our presence is welcomed and beneficial.

Commerce Supporting local economies is a priority for us. We source vendors and suppliers from the local community wherever possible, fostering economic growth and sustainability in the areas we visit.

Conservation We are committed to environmental stewardship. Each trip includes daily opportunities to learn about and participate in local conservation efforts.

Culture We value and respect the unique cultures of the communities we visit. Our cultural activities are curated in collaboration with local community partners to ensure they are represented with dignity and authenticity, providing a meaningful and respectful cultural exchange.

Partnerships are at the heart of our work. We collaborate with schools, communities, local NGO’s, and local STEM organizations to create sustainable impact. Once we establish these relationships, we co-design educational programs tailored to the needs of the community. Whether it's a rural town in South Africa or a home school community in Central Texas, we bring a team of dedicated volunteers to kickstart the program, train local teachers, and engage kids in hands-on learning experiences.

Our Commitment to Regenerative Travel

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”

– Mark Van Doren