Nanyuki, Kenya

In collaboration with a rich ecosystem of community partners, we are building a groundbreaking LEGO robotics program in Nanyuki, Kenya, with the goal of expanding STEAM education and creating lasting opportunities for underserved youth. The initiative, which began in 2023, focuses on building technical literacy, inspiring STEAM-related pursuits, and leveraging education as an equalizer. To date, we have started robotics clubs in 4 local schools and have introduced over 140 children to robotics concepts through hands-on learning opportunities.


  1. Establish Thriving Robotics Programs: By 2030, implement thriving World Robotic Olympiad (WRO) programs in at least 30% of community schools in Nanyuki and neighboring areas.

  2. Encourage STEAM Pursuits: Inspire and enable underserved youth with the skills and exposure to pursue STEM-related fields, expanding their future economic opportunities.

  3. Support Girls Education: Attracting more girls to science and engineering-related fields, breaking gender barriers and promoting diversity in STEM education.

  4. Enhance School Reputations: Elevate the reputation and impact of local schools, contributing to increased attendance and improved education standards.

  5. Broaden Perspectives: Enrich teachers, students, and volunteers with transformative, regenerative travel experiences, thereby exposing them to new places and broader perspectives.

Kenya Impact

Our initiatives in Nanyuki have ignited a passion for STEAM education among students and fortified community bonds through collaborative learning experiences. By offering access to advanced educational tools and resources, we are enabling young minds to explore careers in technology and innovation. The success of our robotics program highlights the transformative power of education in underserved communities, fostering future leaders in the STEAM fields.









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